Albumin Bioscience is one of two business units of Albumin Therapeutics, LLC, founded in 2009 under a license agreement with New Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The Albumin Bioscience division is focused on the development of recombinant human albumin for therapeutic and scientific applications.  The company maintains a high level of management and research expertise in albumin structure, chemistry and production.

We Know Albumin – Leading expertise in albumin structure, chemistry and manufacturing

High purity, animal free recombinant albumins

Custom manufacture/formulation

Patented hypoallergenic albumin

Quality & Selection

About Albagen™

Albagen, is a patented hypoallergenic recombinant human serum albumin specifically formulated for stability, long-term storage and high monomer content – among the very best in the industry.

Recombinant – Animal Free

Prototypical Human Sequence

>Patented Hypoallergenic Construct

High Purity/ High Monomer Content

Stabilized for Multi-Year Storage

Low Endotoxin


Chemical Properties & Structure: Identical with Human Serum Albumin