Serum Albumin is the most abundant protein found in human blood plasma where it plays a vital role in the maintenance of osmotic blood pressure and blood pH.  Albumin also plays an essential role in the transport, distribution and metabolism of a broad array of ligands including many of the most important pharmaceuticals on the market today. It is in effect, Mother Nature’s drug delivery system.

Drug affinity and binding location to albumin can significantly alter the half-life, distribution and metabolism of drugs, thereby playing a major role in the ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and secretion) of many important pharmaceuticals.

Because of albumin’s abundance, purity, and special properties, like chemical binding and stabilizing effects, it has been used successfully and to advantage in numerous applications.

Some Common Applications


Blood volume expander (primarily non-recombinant). The principal pharmaceutical application of albumin which represents a multi-billion dollar industry from pooled outdated human blood.

Biologics: therapeutic adducts/formulation for improved circulation half-life

Biologics: Excipient formulation for bio-therapeutics and vaccines

Cell Culture: Primary cell expansion; Improved CHO cell culture results in pharmaceutical antibody production.

Medical devices: Invitro fertilization; medical device coatings

Biomaterials development


Structural and solution studies of drug binding interactions for pharmaceutical research and development

More recently, Albagen Skin Care has been pioneering the use of recombinant albumin in skin care.



Albumins produced by recombinant methods, whether in yeast or plants are animal free and therefore do not present risks commonly associated with animal derived materials.  Such risks include host viral contamination (e.g., hepatitis C) or prions. AlbagenTM is highly purified by chromatographic methods resulting in higher homogeneity and purity as compared with animal derived materials.


Furthermore, in the case of Albagen, no yeast derived proteins are detected by highly sensitive Western Blot analysis and any minor components have been identified as human recombinant albumin peptide fragments by the same method.


Our procedure for the creation of recombinant albumin has been designed to ensure that our product meets the highest level of quality and lot to lot reproducibilty and has been improved for long term multi-year storage and stability.


Additionally, in the case of AlbagenTM, the risk associated with certain trace metals aducts with albumin which can cause allergic reactions, has been removed by use of a patented construct.